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day 2 day Rio Photography Project was started in 2016 by Diego Juliano together with Ellen Pabst dos Reis.

Ellen and Diego are co-owners and jointly manage the photography website www.CameraNeon.com since 2013.

Ellen is a Stock Photographer; graduated in Town Planning and Architecture at Fluminense Federal University (UFF, Rio de Janeiro), she brings her technical perspective not only to the photographs but also to our texts.

Diego is an award-winning Travel Photographer and brings back home his experience of shooting in 5 different continents. Avid street photographer, he will not think twice before pointing his camera at strangers on the streets of the “Marvelous City”.

After living for many years overseas, Diego and Ellen returned to Rio de Janeiro early in 2016. The feeling of being strangers in their own old neighborhood inspired them to start and keep this project up and running.

When visiting this website, we hope you will have the perspective of a tourist visiting Rio de Janeiro for the first time. The unconventional but inspirational points of views will certainly make you enjoy this online trip!

What is day2day Rio?

day2day Rio is a documentary photography project that aims to show scenes of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Our primary objective is to showcase Rio de Janeiro in pictures, including its beauties, oddities, local culture and people sharing the streets and public places around the town.

day2day Rio is not only about photography. Our secondary objective is to explain some background information about each photo, trying to bring each image into a larger (mostly cultural) context.

In this website you will find images that range from street vendors to infrastructure works cutting across a city that is rushing to be prepared on time for the 2016 Olympics, whilst suffering with corruption scandals and from the drop in tax revenue due to a low oil price.

Landmarks also play an important role in this collection and together with the people compose the unique Carioca Soul.

The vast majority of the Photographs displayed in this website were captured with smartphones. Some images were made with DSLRs, but they are less frequent in the overall portfolio. In order to tell this story, the carioca story, this project shows the city’s most revealing angles and scenes — don’t matter the camera.

By examining our Picture Map (which will be available soon) you may notice that Centro (Downtown) and vicinities are the most photographed areas. This is where the carioca people congregate and get agglomerated day to day, showing the real carioca expressions from all suburban areas around the oldest part of the city.

You may also notice some pictures were taken in the city of Niterói... Well, the reason is quite simple: Niterói offers the best views to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

While some photographs are more successful than others in telling a story and allowing longer explanatory texts, they may not actually be the most visually appealing exemplars. But anyway, all are equally important in setting the scene and documenting Rio.

Why in English?

The intention is to reach further. And whilst Chinese has not yet succeeded in becoming the most internationally spoken language, English will fulfill the purpose of conveying the images and messages beyond the borders of Brazil.

Would we ever consider translating this website to another language?

Yes. If you would like to volunteer to help us complete this task, drop us an e-mail: contact@day2dayRio.com

What inspired this project?

Besides the feeling of being a stranger back at home, friends — and their curiosity — were key for starting this project.

Friends, from all over the world, interested in learning more about Rio — some have already been to Rio or even lived here; some have never been here and might be planning, or not, to visit.

Who may find this photography project interesting?

Family and friends for now. Hopefully, also the people who appear in the photographs.

Other people who may also like it (not in relevance order):
• people preparing to visit Rio for the first time;
• expats living in Rio and those who once lived in Rio but are currently away;
• homesick cariocas;
• some other cariocas just curious to find out what the pictures and texts are all about;
• anthropologists;
• town planners (if looking for "how not to do things");
• street photographers looking for inspiration;
• people that are interested in photography/ photojournalism;
• museum and art gallery curators (being over optimistic).

In the future (think 2035 and beyond) our public may change quite considerably, and the majority of visitors might be people looking for photographs that represent what Rio used to be and how people used to behave in 2016.

Access and use of images

Photographs in this collection shall never be used for commercial purposes.

Please refrain from using any of the photographs without contacting us first via e-mail: contact@day2dayRio.com

For further relevant information, please visit and read our Terms and Conditions page.

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